Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kitchen is coming together!

This past weekend my dad got almost all of the crown molding on the cabinets and it looks AMAZING!  I made a lot of progress on the cabinet doors too.  I love the way they are turning out.  Here are some pics of the crown molding process.  And Greg English added three new can lights on the left side of the kitchen and our boxes for my chandeliers that will hang over the island.  Looks so great and we got rid of the ceiling fan that was in a random spot.

Ta-da!  I love it!!  

I got a first coat of paint on the island too.

Cabinet doors getting primed and painted.

New floor getting installed this week!  

This weekend we are "moving" all of our furniture in to the new house.  Not sure if we will be sleeping there this weekend or not.  Depends on how much progress we make on the kitchen.  My goal is to get all of the wall cabinets touched up with paint, distressed, and 2 coats of laquer!  Then we can put the appliances back in on Monday after the laquer dries.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


We've made a lot of progress in the last 10 days!  Jack got the tile floor in the kitchen demo'ed the first night and finished up putting the durock down yesterday.  The longest part was taking out all of the staples that were on the floor.  Literally thousands.  Saturday my sweet dad came over, we took an expensive trip to Home Depot to buy everything we needed for the cabinet molding and the durock.  We get back to the house, my dad climbs up a very old, unstable ladder to make one cut in the drywall and the ladder slipped out from under him and he fell on to it.  His chin was banged up and we thought he broke a rib.  Luckily he didn't break a rib but bruised them really bad.  Poor guy :(  It was pretty scary.  Of course he was back over  at the house helping.

Here are some pictures of our progress.
The ugly tile floor before demo.

Moving right along the first night!

Guest bathroom vanity gone :)

All the tile up and under it was a vinyl fake wood floor with a million staples.

Durock is down and ready for new tile.

Removing the wall between kitchen and new t.v. room.

Same wall as above.

Just the view from the t.v. room.

Looking down the hallway to the garage and mudroom.

New lights in the ceiling and boxes for the new pendants over the island.  Also made progress on painting the cabinets, moving some cabinets around, and building the refrigerator surround.

Cut out in wall to the new t.v. room.

This weekend we will hopefully get the rest of the cabinets painted.  Then Monday the new floor tile is installed!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Making decisions and purchases!!

Here is what I've decided on so far for the kitchen.

Floor tile: I changed to a pinwheel pattern (13x13 and 18x18) porcelain tile.  It has hints of copper in it.  Very pretty.  The bathroom will be the same tile but in rectangular subway style.

Granite for the island only:

Chandeliers over the granite island:

Copper sink (being delivered soon, got a great deal at The Copper Depot online).  It's huge!  43"x22"x10".  Can't wait to see it installed.

Oil Rubbed Bronze faucet.  Still looking for a good deal on this.

I'm super excited about the counter tops for the rest of the cabinets along the wall.  I'm going to make wood countertops out of old 2x6 planks.  Hoping it looks like this:

I think that will look great with the copper sink and white cabinets.

4 days till closing!!!!!