Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wood Countertops, Interior Windows, Pool room, Front door drama

The windows are in!  Just need to paint the trim and wainscotting on the bottom half of the wall.

Getting ready to pour on the "Mirror Coat" resin over the countertop.

The "after".  Love the shiny look.

New patio furniture in the pool room!  Thank the lord.

Cleaned up the planters and added some palm trees.  Someday we will be painting the brick white.

New curtains and kids table in the kitchen.

Started painting the front door blue...

It was awful.

So I found some interior black paint laying around and hurried up to cover the blue.  I will be repainting with an outdoor semi-gloss paint very soon.

So in love with my kitchen, even without the cabinet doors.

Pretty pretty!

Kitchen Updates

Dad working on the wood countertops.

My copper sink is so pretty!

We have a fridge!

Countertops installed

This is the corner of the countertops.

View from t.v. room