Thursday, April 11, 2013

Making decisions and purchases!!

Here is what I've decided on so far for the kitchen.

Floor tile: I changed to a pinwheel pattern (13x13 and 18x18) porcelain tile.  It has hints of copper in it.  Very pretty.  The bathroom will be the same tile but in rectangular subway style.

Granite for the island only:

Chandeliers over the granite island:

Copper sink (being delivered soon, got a great deal at The Copper Depot online).  It's huge!  43"x22"x10".  Can't wait to see it installed.

Oil Rubbed Bronze faucet.  Still looking for a good deal on this.

I'm super excited about the counter tops for the rest of the cabinets along the wall.  I'm going to make wood countertops out of old 2x6 planks.  Hoping it looks like this:

I think that will look great with the copper sink and white cabinets.

4 days till closing!!!!!


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